A little About Bonk and BonkGirl

Bonk is a new legend if you look closely....

BonkGirl is aiming to recreate the hype of Bonk and make more noise to get big portion of Solana space. Everyone has their own girl - Doge Girl, Shiba Girl, Grok Girl …. Now, it is turn of BonkGirl to make the community more engaged in crypto and give new fresh for everyone.

First came from airdrop on Christmas, to main memecoin on Solana that made thousands of X’s and made early investors rich. Some statistics about the Bonk: - Bonk is listed on over 32 different DEXS & CEXS - Bonk boasts 120 integrations across the following categories: DeFi, Developer, Exchange, Gaming, NFT, Payment, Social, Wallet - Its adoption continues to grow rapidly having reached over 400,000 holders

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